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    EGR blanking and decat on Classics...MOT pass or not?

    Anyone done either and passed a new style MOT?
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    Shogun Sport Off-road

    Like it's ability. But christ, could they not have toned down the ugliness a bit.
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    Black smoke

    Need more information my friend. Smoke at idle? Smoke while throttling? Does the smoke smell of anything? Any warning lights or odd noises?
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    New socks and sandals turned up yesterday.

    *UPDATE* Done a couple hundred miles on them now. I highly recommend them! Quiet, stick to the road like **** to a blanket and grip beautifully off road. MPG seems slightly better too.
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    New socks and sandals turned up yesterday.

    Have only driven around the industrial estate a little bit today after fitting them, but seem quiet and smooth. Torqued to 130nm and inflated to 31psi as per 'the book'. Will see how they go. Can't be any worse than those god awful BF Goodrich MTs that I had before 😂 Though I am a bit annoyed...
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    What is this called

    Don't bother replacing the seal, take it out and clean up the mating faces and seal it with some seal in a tube type stuff of your choosing. Mine was replaced and begun leaking again within a month, apparently this is common.
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    Full workshop manual for K74

    Cheers for letting me know Wylee. Just edited the folder. Hopefully they should be visible now.
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    Spare wheel

    To secure it you could padlock and chain it to the chassis rail. Cable tie the chain and lock up to stop it rattling. That's what some of the van boys do. Replacement wise, eBay or a breakers yard would likely be the cheapest.
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    Replacement stereos - better dab and bluetooth

    Ignore me... Making an ass of myself as usual. Was thinking of single DIN set ups not doubles.
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    Lights and sounds for the laugh.

    I live in the middle of nowhere. So dark lanes are my thing. Not anymore though :D Thought I might as well fit some air horns while the bonnet is popped too.
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    Just my baby shogun which I sold

    Funny little things these! Look like a beefed up Vitara. Wouldn't mind a go off road in one.
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    Replacement stereos - better dab and bluetooth

    Some modern head units allow connections for handsfree calling from one phone and music/directions etc from another. Both the head units listed below allow such sorcery. Both those below are also excellent units in terms of sound quality and looks. I've got the cheaper one myself (but in non...
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    Tools you've made to conquer a job on the truck

    Most cars have something on them which is either a real pain to get at or requires forces beyond the realm of humanity to undo. So if you've had to make something. Let's see! Might help someone out if they have to do the same.
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    Desert Warrior: The Truck

    Be nice wouldn't it. We could all have matching trucks ;)
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    Post your truck.

    Couple months ago I was beginning to think it's natural habitat was on the back of an AA tilt and slide :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: Now she seems to find fields more appealing :LOL: