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  1. Kirky301

    EGR blanking and decat on Classics...MOT pass or not?

    Anyone done either and passed a new style MOT?
  2. Kirky301

    New socks and sandals turned up yesterday.

    Have only driven around the industrial estate a little bit today after fitting them, but seem quiet and smooth. Torqued to 130nm and inflated to 31psi as per 'the book'. Will see how they go. Can't be any worse than those god awful BF Goodrich MTs that I had before 😂 Though I am a bit annoyed...
  3. Kirky301

    Lights and sounds for the laugh.

    I live in the middle of nowhere. So dark lanes are my thing. Not anymore though :D Thought I might as well fit some air horns while the bonnet is popped too.
  4. Kirky301

    Tools you've made to conquer a job on the truck

    Most cars have something on them which is either a real pain to get at or requires forces beyond the realm of humanity to undo. So if you've had to make something. Let's see! Might help someone out if they have to do the same.
  5. Kirky301

    Full workshop manual for K74

    Massive shout out to TimberCutterDartmoor on ARBTALK for posting this back in the day. I've moved the files to a DropBox account. Any access issues then let me know. Still getting my head round Dropbox file sharing.
  6. Kirky301

    Canopy for sale or swap

    Canopy off a 55 plate K74. Struts work fine, t bar handle doesn't lock but there's an added on lock that works perfectly and has two keys. Two windows open about an inch. Looking to swap for roll bars or a roll cover or 250 cash or the nearest offer. Try me. Located in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.
  7. Kirky301

    OS maps at your fingertips

    OS Maps have an excellent app. You can get it below Android - Apple -
  8. Kirky301

    Misfire/lumpy running on K74. Help...

    My 55 plate has been having a weird issue. At idle it runs lumpy and the revs bounce around between 600 to 800 rpm. Puffs some smoke every now and then, black in colour as far as I can tell, it isn't alot. Engine dances around enough the body moves with it. Bring the revs up to say 1k and...
  9. Kirky301

    Hobbies and jobs.

    What's everyone do to fund their L200s? And what does everyone do for fun these days? I'm a storeman for a structural waterproofing and sealant company and enjoy caving/mine exploration when I'm not there. Over to you all... :)
  10. Kirky301

    Running on veg oil Mitsubishi K Series and older.

    Thought I'd jam a thread up regarding running on veg for those of us with Classics (k series and older). Disclaimer - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO RUN A PRAM SHAPE ON VEG. You'll get an expensive repair bill! Only Classic shape trucks can run veg. How you finding it? Any issues you've found Decent deals...
  11. Kirky301

    Posting a Facebook group in signature?

    Basically as the title points to, would it be OK for me (and I assume others) to post the link to L200 groups we run, in our signatures? Mines the L200 Classics Owners Group.
  12. Kirky301

    Howdy from North Wiltshire

    Look forward to many a good discussion on here!