Mitsubishi L200 Owners Club

Help/advice on buying a secondhand one

Hi Club Members,
I was hoping to get some info as I'm looking to buy a secondhand diesel/manual L200 Animal or Warrior (hopefully). I won't be spending much, probably £4k tops as this is a second car mainly for winter. I'm look at sub 150k miles version which hasn't towed, a domestic rather than commercially used one. Probably 2006-2010 judging by the prices on Autotrader. If there's other models I could consider let me know. I won't be doing more that 5k pa so high mileage doesn't bother me too much.

My questions are:
1. When does the cambelt need changing, and should this be done as soon as I purchase?
2. Whats the rough cost of that?
3. Any mechanical things I need to look for?
4. Oil change frequency/servicing?
4. All weather tyres, any recommendations? I see some vehicles have 17" with low profile, so I'd need to tyres swapped back to a decent on road/off road type.

I'm based in UK and would appreciate any advice you can provide.
Many thanks in advance!