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L200 B70 Warrior lwb, 2010, blown engine spares/repairs/rebuild project

As above, 2010 warrior lwb b70 with chrome bull bar with spots, side steps with orange marker lights, roll bar with spots and rear red marker lights, aftermarket alloys and four good tyres. Mot runs out next month (oct).

Engine lost power in fast lane of motorway with lots of smoke, limped home then onto a garage, partial strip down confirms pot 4 has 0 compression and injector has failed burning out the piston.

Shes quite a looker and deserves another crack of whip but no time, funds or inclination so sold as is.

Although eye catching she certainly aint mint, front wheels have seen a kerb or two, one has a center cap missing, paint work has plenty of age related chips and marks, o/s tub paint has a handfull of scratches close together where it looks like something has been lent against it. The marker lights in the side steps have been fitted with mild steel screws and as such have rusted with some staining of the led lamps...all still illuminate perfectly.

She is at a Garage in Grantham linconshire, and will need uplifting from there.

Having looked about for a solution to this i have struggled to find a second hand engine for under 1800 quid, or a full rebuild kit, injectors and belts come to about the same....bearing that in mind 2000 quid plus the purchase price and some sweat and toil from someone you have 4 and half / 5 k truck......

Struggling to post pictures on this thread right now but will ad when i can....

Regards steve